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TaskForce Qualifications

1.  Be a committed Christian and baptized member of the
     Seventh-day Adventist church.
2.  Demonstrate a positive relationship with Christ and be
      interested in ministry for others.    
3.  Must be single and at least 20 years old, in good health,
     and willing to train for Bus Driver License Training.
4.  Be flexible and adaptable in doing ministry for young people.
5.  Have positive interpersonal skills and love young people.
6.  Ability to exercise good common sense and judgment in
     dealing with human conflict.
7.  P.E., Math & Science, and computer skills are a plus.
8.  Ability to speak Japanese, Korean, or Chinese is a plus.
9.  Be willing to serve as a substitute teacher & tutor students
     when needed.
10.  Be sensitive, caring, and enjoy working with persons from a
      diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
11.  An individiual who is flexible, adaptable.
12.  An individual who is a team player.


1.  Send a resumé to the Principal of Hawaiian Mission Academy
             1438 Pensacola St., Honolulu, HI 96822-3899
2.  Send an E-Mail ( / Letter to the HMA Principal indicating the names of
     at least four (4) personal references. Please provide their:
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Home, business, and cell phone numbers
  • E-Mail address
3.  Contact your college/university Missions Office and complete an
     application and fulfill all requirements to serve as a student missionary
     or taskforce person.

4.  Get registered at
     This is the North American Division website for Volunteer Services.

NOTE:  Applicants will be notified during the month of April as to their
            selection by the Dean and Principal of Hawaiian Mission Academy.