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Religion (R)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 9

The textbook, In the Beginning God, provides an in-depth study of the development and purpose of the Bible and how Godís love and character are demonstrated through creation, redemption, and in human relationships. The second textbook, Godís Gift/Your Choice, presents an overview of the significance of the life and times, the ministry, and the death and resurrection of Jesus as revealed in the four Gospels of the New Testament with an examination of the life of Jesus and the principles that helped to establish Christianity as a major world religion.

Religion (R)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 10 

During first semester the emphasis is a study of the redemptive history of Godís chosen people, beginning with the exodus, through the inter-testament time, and concluding with the New Testament Church. Second semester the focus is on the history of the Christian Church from 70AD to the present time, concluding with a study of the rise and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Religion (R)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 11

A study is made of the books of Romans, Daniel and Revelation to discover relevant truths for todayís youth. Seventh-day Adventist doctrines with an emphasis given to their role in the church: prophecy, the three angelsí message, Sabbath, the second coming of Jesus, and the state of the dead are studied.

Religion (R)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 12 

A class that emphasizes Biblical principles in making the major decisions of life that each person must make -- education and career, friendships, romance and marriage, life-style goals, and spiritual commitment. In addition, there is an introductory study of worldviews, religious movements, contemporary denominations, cults, and world religions, as viewed from a biblical perspective. The course is also designed to provide assistance in the development of a biblical philosophy of life and to deal with contemporary moral and ethical issues within the context of biblical principles.



Religion (R/E)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 9-12

A class that teaches practical witnessing skills including: sharing one's testimony, leading out in a Bible study, leading worship through music, conducting a prayer meeting, sharing biblical truths through drama, preaching, praying, and reading scripture.