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Our Objectives

Spiritual Objectives

Hawaiian Mission Academy recognizes the importance of a spiritual foundation in our life activities and seeks to:

  1. Provide opportunities for each student to grow in Godís love.
  2. Strengthen each studentís personal commitment to living in harmony with the will of God as revealed in Holy Scriptures.
  3. Reveal that the most satisfying life is a life of service.
  4. Give instruction in the great principles of Godís Word.
  5. Lead students to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
  6. Direct studentsí minds to Godís own revelation of Himself.
  7. Help students bring every part of their being under the control of the Spirit of God.
  8. Train students to become workers for God and honor Him by being an example before the world.
  9. Develop a desire in students to serve God and others in this life.

Academic Objectives

Hawaiian Mission Academy believes that God is the source or all true knowledge and seeks to:

  1. Stimulate students to apply the spirit of inquiry to all problems.
  2. Acquaint students with the basic facts and principles of the major fields of knowledge.
  3. Develop in each student the highest level of critical thinking possible.
  4. Acquaint students with ever-advancing technological developments.
  5. Help students develop the ability to interpret history and current events in the light of the Bible.
  6. Enrich minds by developing an appreciation for music, literature, art, foreign languages, and other aesthetic experiences.
  7. Provide a broad background in all necessary fields in order to intelligently meet the demands of everyday life.

Social Objectives

Hawaiian Mission Academy recognizes the social pressures inherent in all community settings and encourages students to:

  1. Accept Biblical social standards.
  2. Develop skill in interpersonal relations.
  3. Develop respect and appreciation for home and family.
  4. Develop respect for the rights and ideas of others.
  5. Form habits of courtesy and graciousness.
  6. Realize the responsibility of personal influence.
  7. Foster skills and attitudes that promote the enjoyment of healthful leisure-time activities throughout life.
  8. Acquire a wide range of interests and skills necessary for self-confidence and sociability.
  9. To be honest citizens willing to participate in local, state, national, and world affairs.
  10. Establish a scriptural perspective in all aspects of their lives.
  11. Participate in activities in which the unique social backgrounds of other students are appreciated and celebrated.

Physical Objectives

Hawaiian Mission Academy believes that health is a treasure we should preserve.

  1. Enjoy a wide variety of physical activities in which they may find success.
  2. Be involved in a physical education program that provides instruction and for developing skills and attitudes needed to secure and maintain personal and physical fitness.
  3. Adopt principles of healthful living through learning and experiencing a diet and abstaining from all things harmful to oneís health.
  4. Develop a respect for the dignity of labor and pride in a job well done.
  5. Develop good work habits such as diligence, initiative, and honesty.