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High School

Vision Statement
Hawaiian Mission Academy (HMA), a 9-12 college preparatory community founded on Seventh-Day Adventist Christian values, nurtures and challenges students to develop spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical strengths to become compassionate and responsible lifelong service learners and global leaders.
Mission Statement
Living like Jesus: Learning, Loving, Leading since 1895.
Our Expected School wide Learning Results (ESLRs) provide us with four guiding principles in the education of our youth-Educating the HEAD, HAND, HEART, and educating for HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.
The vision and mission statements are closely linked to these principles as follows:
- INTELLECTUAL » LEARNING » Educating the HEAD. The students will:
  -Be able to think and communicate clearly.
  -Acquire the tools needed to become a productive lifelong learner.
  -Successfully complete a course of study to prepare for higher education or to enter the workplace.
-PHYSICAL » LIVING » Educating the HAND. The student will:
  -Demonstrate the application of technical and practical skills learned.
  -Practice behaviors that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  -Experience the joys of service to others.
-SPIRITUAL » LOVING » Educating the HEART. The studend will:
  -Learn more about God and Christianity.
  -Develop a closer relationship with God.
  -Incorporate principles of the Bible into personal daily living.
-SOCIAL » LEADING » Educating for HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS. The student will:
  -Demonstrate active participation in social settings.
  -Exercise responsibility for local, national, and global environments.
  -Develop and manage interpersonal relationships.
Our Core Values
Principles of Action

1. Maintain a commitment to Christ-like principles of action and ethical behavior.
• We are committed to upholding biblical principles as life guiding values.
• These principles guide our lives, thoughts, and actions in dealing with our fellow humankind.

2. Maintain a safe, orderly, and attractive educational environment.
• Provide a safe learning environment where the school is a sanctuary for learning.
• Foster a climate where positive interpersonal skills are nurtured and respected among students and staff.
• Effectively manage our human and physical resources. This includes our finances, technology, time, and facilities.

3. Nurture each student’s intellectual curiosity.
• Motivate students to think critically about what they learn by searching for what constitutes true knowledge.
• Create a learning environment where students can express innovative thinking and utilize their creative energy.
• Help students realize that they are to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other person’s thoughts.

4. Build a strong sense of community.
• Develop and nurture competent and caring staff and students.
• Foster a commitment to effective communication.
• Embrace diversity and honor our ethnic differences.
• Involve parents in encouraging students to fulfill their responsibilities in the learning process.
• Practice effective communication with all members of our learning community.

5. Foster a commitment to learning.
• We are committed to ensuring that each student reaches his or her potential to master knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes essential for success in a school society.
• We believe that all students can learn; each in his/her individual learning style.
• Nurture an awareness that an essential ingredient of excellence is to be a life-long learner.