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High School ESL Program

A Program for International Students

Hawaiian Mission Academy’s International Studies (I.S.)  program is designed to help serious students of non-English speaking backgrounds become proficient in understanding and speaking English.

Hawaiian Mission Academy is owned and operated by the Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which is a fundamentalist Christian body. The school’s philosophy, curriculum, and practices are centered on Christian concepts and principles found in the Bible.

Students join the school voluntarily and are, therefore, subject to the regulations of the school, even though they may not personally hold the same philosophy, standard of conduct, or religious beliefs.

Older students (18+) accepted into the program will find themselves subject to the regulations designed to guide all students. All I.S. students, whether in ESL classes or in regular classes, are expected to honor and respect the religious concepts and practices of this Seventh-day Adventist school. I.S. students are to follow all regulations found in each section of the SCHOOL BULLETIN.

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs, and gambling are not permitted regardless of age or curricular pursuit.

International Students are students who receive I-20 forms from Hawaiian Mission Academy and/or who take International Studies (I.S.), or English as a Second (ESL) language classes at HMA (whether or not they are a U.S. citizen or a Resident Alien).

All students are required to live with their family, their sponsor, or in school-operated dorm. It is recommended all students stay in dorm housing for the first year. On-campus housing may be required by the administration if a student is experiencing difficulties in attendance, grades, or lifestyle. Exceptions to housing policies may be appealed.

The sponsor must work closely with the school in matters that relate to the student. The Director of the International Studies Program will conduct an interview with the sponsor or student prior to admission when possible.
More information regarding our IS/ESL program can be found in our School Bulletin.