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Financial Assistance

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships and/or financial aid are available for worthy students needing financial assistance in payment of tuition. The HMA Finance Committee awards scholarships based on financial need, intellectual ability, scholastic achievement, and character. Some scholarships are dependent upon the student being employed by the school.

Students receiving scholarship aid are generally expected to render to the school some kind of appropriate service. Complete records are kept of each individual studentís scholarship work, and continuation of financial aid is contingent upon a satisfactory work record throughout the school year.

Prior to applying for financial aid, the family should seek help from the worthy student fund of the church the family attends. Check your church board policy with your pastor.

A family needing financial assistance should notify the Business Office well before registration. Requests for aid must be part of a studentís application record. These take time for deliberation and cannot be handled on registration day.

Financial Aid Contingent on Faithful Payment
Once approved for financial aid, it is incumbent on the parent/guardian to make faithful monthly payments in
compliance with his/her tuition agreement plan signed with the administration. Failure of the parent/guardian to fulfill their financial responsibility on a monthly basis will forfeit all financial aid monies received from the date of delinquency.
Student Labor
Work opportunities are available for Academy students on a limited basis. Students who are employed are expected to be dependable, responsible, and punctual. A basic philosophy of the Academy is that dignified labor is an integral part of Christian education. Students who exhibit poor work habits or lack of honesty will lose their jobs.

An application for work must be submitted to the Academy Business Office each year and each summer.

No student may work without a Social Security number. Applications for a Social Security number must be made at the U. S. Federal Building. Students must be at least 14 years old to qualify for a work permit.

When time cards are properly recorded, signed by the supervisor, and turned in on time to the Business Office, the worker will earn credit for work done during that month. All income earned from student labor wages will be credited directly to the studentís account.