HMA : Athletics


The value of expression in human movement is profound. Athletes express themselves physically in sports. Sport participation can be a “classroom,” offering athletes the opportunity to develop their God-given talents. Hawaiian Mission Academy desires to enhance personal ability, positive self management, a love of fairness, and responsibility to God’s creation in each student. The 2008-2009 ILH season was a turning poing in the school's athletic involvement. It marked an historic event in which HMA was admitted into the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH). Since then HMA has entered into competition in the following sports/teams for grades 7 to 12:
  1. Girls Intermediate II Volleyball
  2. Girls Varsity II Volleyball
  3. Boys Intermediate III Basketball
  4. Boys Junior Varsity II Basketball
  5. Boys Varsity II Basketball
  6. Girls Intermediate III Basketball
  7. Girls Varsity II Basketball
  8. Boys Intermediate II Volleyball
  9. Boys Junior Varsity II Volleyball
  10. Boys Varsity II Volleyball
  11. Boys Varsity Golf
The Interscholastic sports program at HMA can help the school in fulfilling its mission by pursuing the following objectives:
  1. Student athletes at Hawaiian Mission Academy (HMA) will at all times represent HMA as its ambassadors and reflect Christian values.
  2. Emphasize self-sacrifice as one learns to be a team player.
  3. To have each member understand their strengths, and be able to recognize weaknesses in their abilities where improvement may be needed. To understand how their contributions, in cooperation with their teammates, work to make their team reach its full potential.
  4. A sports program that provides a place where student athletes learn to control their emotions.  People can choose to control emotions (anger, aggression) by using restraint. Athletes must decide how they will respond to intense situations long before the situation presents itself.
  5. Provide character education. Ethical dilemmas in athletics are presented to coaches and players during sport participation. Character education can show student athletes how and why to choose the honorable course of action.
  6.  Implementation of academic eligibility and accountability (team practice, etc.)requirements. This can boost interest in studies and can heighten the students’ level of responsibility. This occurs when student athletes realize that teammates, coaches and the school as a whole expects each team member to do their part.
  7. Interaction with the community that allows students to understand how to be a host and a guest. This provides all student athletes an opportunity to be a positive Christian witness. Student athletes must understand that their competitors heighten their level of performance, are worthy of respect, and provide a means by which personal talents are exercised. When athletes understand that another team makes all of these things possible, then team players will have a “host” and “guest” attitude as they approach any game 
An interscholastic program generates a high level of student interest.  It allows us to move outside “ourselves,” interact with others, and better understand our similarities and differences.  The interest and interaction is more easily achieved through interaction with “outside” teams.  Hawaiian Mission Academy’s mission is to develop talented, energetic, and compassionate young people. Athletics can contribute to this mission. We also hope for our athletics program to provide a constructive channel for physical expression and opportunities for students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members to share experiences.
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