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Physical Education

Hawaiian Mission Academy's graduation requirements states that each student must have at least three years (30 semester periods) of Physical Education.  These requirements can be met as follows:
  1. Enrolling in a Physical Education class freshmen, sophomore, and junior year,
  2. Participating in varsity sports,
  3. Independent Study (PE Independent Study Form must be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee),
  4. Any combination of the above. (Varsity sports can only be applied to ten semester periods)


Physical Education (R)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grades 9-12

Students are taught fundamental games and game skills through promotion of health, fitness and motor coordination activities during the freshman and sophomore years. All students are required to dress in a designated uniform at class time. This course is required unless a physician's exemption is received. 

Health (R)
1 semester (5 semester periods) Grades 10-12

This one-semester course is designed to help all students gain appreciation for a healthy lifestyle. Students are motivated to become responsible for their own health as they learn the connection between establishing good health habits now and enjoying their lives in the future.