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Applied / Practical Arts


Practical Arts (R/E) 
2 semester (10 semester periods) Grades 9-10

This is a basic comprehensive course in all areas related to independent living. Subjects covered include values and goals, living with your family, good grooming, understanding others, harmony of colors, wardrobe planning, clothing design, basic sewing, foods and nutrition, food preparation, parenting, child care, housing, home furnishing, and resource management.



Mathematics (E)

1 semester (5 semester periods) Grades 11-12


This is an introductory course which will give students an understanding of accounting, familiarity with terms, and preparation for college accounting courses. Students will learn how to keep financial records by hand and how to prepare financial statements using double entry accounting.



(See description in Social Studies)

Business Education| Social Studies (E/R)


Computer Technology|Business Education (R)
1 semester (5 semester periods) Grades 9-12


The Academy assumes that incoming students will already have basic keyboarding skills. Independent drill and practice will be provided for those who need to increase their speed. Other skills required by the State and the Pacific Union for graduation will be met in the Computer Literacy class. This class may be waived by passing a Competency Test. 

Computer Technology |Business Education (R)
1 semester (5 semester periods) Grades 9-12



Students develop basic skills in safe data handling, computer use, learn how to format a report, research a paper, and use the Internet. They are exposed to databses and spreadsheets. The course is designed to fulfill the computer education required for graduation from an academy in the Pacific Union Conference.  This class may be waived by passing a competency test.

Computer Technology|Business Education|Practical Arts (E)
2 semesters (5 semester periods) Grades 10-12

PREREQUISITE: Keyboarding, Computer Literacy 

Students will learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Access software in an integrative way to create spreadsheets and presentation projects, and reports. Students learn to use spreadsheets to create graphs and other visual presentation of numerical data. They will learn how to merge this information into a word processing and/or PowerPoint presentation. The will learn special mail merge procedures using the Access database software in creating specialized letter documents after designing a specialized database.