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HMA Alumni Websites:

  1. Visit for alumni news.
  2. Visit here for some a look at some of HMA's hidden treasures and information on past homecoming weekends.
Alumni Officers

Currently there are no official Alumni Association officers. The Hawaiian Mission Academy K-12 Board of Trustees has recommended and authorized the Alumni Association to reorganize and revise their constitution and bylaws. If you are an alumnus reading this information please contact the school at 808.536.2207 to get involved with your Alma Mater. We would love to have your participation and support.
If you have not updated your contact information recently please contact Summer Lee at  at 808.536.2207 x204 or via e-mail at We encourage all of our alumni to keep their information up to date so we can communicate effectively you.
Hawaiian Mission Academy is very proud of its alumni. We ask for your continual prayers and support.

Constitution and Bylaws

A copy of the constitution and bylaws document is available here. This document explains how the Alumni Association is governed, how officers are selected and what the qualifications for
office are. Read it and get involved!